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Finding more meaning this Christmas

Overseas supply chain issues and congested online delivery systems could make it harder for Santa to deliver his gifts on time this year.

Never fear: that doesn’t have to be a negative. It could actually be the very excuse we need to make Christmas 2021 more about meaning and less about the material.

As we get together with family and friends during the festive season what can we do to make every moment count? For starters throw away that gift catalogue and concentrate on things that will make people laugh and feel loved.

Here are 10 ways to make this Christmas that most wonderful time of the year.

Write a love message

In the days of email, text, messages, and tweets the hand-written message can seem like something special. Take the time to express your love or appreciation for a friend or family member in a card. Or simply share a favourite memory with them.

Enjoy an experience

Simple pleasures are often the best. Pack a Christmas picnic and have it at the beach or in a park. Decorate the Christmas tree together or string up some special lights. Sing some carols or make eggnog and watch a favourite Christmas movie.

Club together

Instead of exchanging gifts make a pact with friends or family to club together to support a charity. Discussing which charity to support and why could be a great bonding experience over Christmas pud. Or you could agree to buy a present for someone in need in the community instead of each other.

Be playful

Who hasn’t got some standout memories of backyard cricket matches or board game tournaments in their Christmasses past? Bring play back into the present this year by reviving your favourite games, sports, or jigsaw puzzles.

Swap your Christmas

Maybe you come from a family of music-lovers or book-lovers. Could you agree to wrap a favourite CD or book and share them with your loved ones?

Host an open house

Usually spend Christmas with family? Begin a new Christmas tradition by opening your doors to friends, neighbours, or ‘Christmas orphans’ in the community.

Spend time

Volunteering to help serve at a charity Christmas lunch could be another way to add some meaning to Xmas 2021.

Create presents

Sharing your talents with each other could be a fun way to create a different kind of Christmas. Sing, play guitar, bake something, paint, write a poem, share a favourite photo.

Second-hand challenge

Have some festive fun by opting to buy second-hand gifts instead of new ones. Raid your local op shop and see just how much your family can keep out of landfill this year.

Start a new Christmas tradition

Try celebrating Christmas in a different way. You could adopt the Icelandic tradition of gifting books to each other and spending Christmas Eve reading and eating chocolate. Or do a walk or a drive around the neighbourhood to see the Christmas lights. Or give everyone a rest from Christmas cooking and book a table in a restaurant.


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