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Our close connection with the community, combined with our access to leading research and technical teams, who work full-time to ensure the strategies we recommend are among the best in the field, means you can rest-assured your financial security is in good hands. 

We know financial advice is as much about lifestyle and relationships, as money – that’s why we pride ourselves on long-term, holistic advice, with our clients calling on us for financial advice time and time again as their circumstances change over the years. 


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Our Team

You get the best of both worlds at  Bayside Retirement Planning.

You also have financial professionals at RI Cheltenham who are part of the global community of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS who able able to delivery the highest standards in financial planning.


For many Australians, finding a financial planner can be overwhelming. Knowing who to turn to for financial advice is essential. A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional has gone above and beyond to achieve the highest qualification in financial planning. We are proud to be part of the global community of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals and we serve ouR clients to the highest standard in this industry.

CFP, B.Ec, Dip FS (FP),Adv Dip FS (FP), AFPA  AAFPA

Authorised Representative of

Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd

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