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What To Expect

Congratulations on taking the first step into learning more about your finances and how you can take control of them in the future.

At our initial appointment it's all about getting to know each other. It's an opportunity for us to learn more about your goals for the future.


You will also get an opportunity to understand more about Bayside Retirement Planning, our team and the services we provide.

What To Bring

* Income details

* list of Assets and Liabilities

* Current Investment Statements

* Share portfolios

* Pension and  Centrelink information

Job Interview

 Questions To Ask Us

* What are your qualifications as financial adviser?

* How long have you been a financial adviser?

* Do you have experience working with people with similar needs to me?

* How will we work together moving forward?

Before providiing any advice we will agree on the fees and payments options with you. The fee you will pay will largely depend on the complexity of your circumstance and the service you require.

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